Qualified Assessor - Asphalt Shingle Systems Application

Eligibility Requirements

All Qualified Assessor applicants are required to meet certain eligibility requirements and provide evidence of their eligibility.

  1. A minimum 21 years of age
  2. Work history
    The applicant has been in a responsible position supervising or observing installers of asphalt shingle roof systems for at least an 18-month period. This experience must have occurred within three years of the date of application. The experience requirement assumes the applicant has supervised or observed at least five installation projects that include a variety of installation details such as flashings, shingle layout, valleys and attachment.

    Applicants must submit information about five projects, including customer name, location, timeframe and type of project. NRCA reserves the right to verify the applicant's work experience and decision-making authority.

Applicants are also required to agree to several program policies, procedures, terms and conditions. Specific policies, procedures, terms and conditions that you must agree with in this application include:

  1. Qualified Assessor Code of Professional Conduct
  2. Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement
  3. Qualified Assessor Agreement

NRCA recommends all applicants review details about Qualified Assessor eligibility requirements and program policies, procedures, terms and conditions before completing this application. This detailed information can be found in the Qualified Assessor Certificate Program Participant Handbook. You can download and review this handbook by clicking here. Information entered into the online application cannot be saved; therefore, you must enter all answers at one time.

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Document your work experience to meet eligibility requirements.

Employment History


Asphalt Shingle Project History

Asphalt Shingle Project No. 1

Asphalt Shingle Project No. 2

Asphalt Shingle Project No. 3

Asphalt Shingle Project No. 4

Asphalt Shingle Project No. 5


NRCA ProCertification Code of Professional Conduct

Check each box to confirm you have read and agree to uphold each principle of the NRCA ProCertification Code of Professional Conduct

NRCA ProCertification Qualified Assessors must abide by high ethical standards. This code sets forth standards for the fulfillment of responsibilities associated with the NRCA ProCertification credentialing programs.

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Final Submission

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