Please select which of the following opportunities interest you:

    The 2023-24 fiscal year nominations are now open until Monday, Dec. 19 and the slate of officers and directors will be announced at the IRE in March.
    The deadline to serve on committees for this fiscal year has passed. We will accept requests to serve on 2023-24 committees starting Jan. 1, 2023.

You can review the descriptions of each NRCA committee and task force and select those that best fit your areas of expertise. (If you currently serve on an NRCA committee, there is no need to reapply; NRCA will communicate with you regarding your committee assignments.)



  • Connect with NRCA University staff about contributing to an education program
  • Connect with NRCA University staff about serving as a Subject Matter Expert
  • Promote a culture of generosity and open dialogue
  • Enhance the value experience for members
  • Share knowledge and expertise with members
  • Take action
  • Participate in Roofing Day in D.C.
  • Get involved with ROOFPAC