Future Executives Institute (FEI) Application (Class 10)

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FEI Online Application Instructions

FEI applicants are chosen based on their answers to the online application and, often, an interview, which is at the discretion of NRCA's FEI Admissions Committee.

Please read the FEI Participant Criteria on NRCA's website prior to applying for the program to make certain you meet the program acceptance criteria.

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Age and Experience Attestation

The acceptance criteria for enrollment is strict in two specific areas.

First, there is a minimum age requirement. Candidates must be at least 25 years old by Jan. 1, 2020.
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Second, candidates must have at least five years' roofing office-centered management and leadership experience. Field management experience (such as foreman or superintendent), though valuable for operations management, does not typically count toward this five-year requirement. Therefore, applicants are wise to provide details regarding all leadership experience, especially if field-held positions are to be considered.
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On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being no experience and 10 being expert, rate your experience in the following five areas and provide an explanation of your rating. (Use as much space as needed.)

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